Nexow is a proprietary trading firm specializing in high-speed algorithms, quantitative trading, market making and other alternative investments. We do not manage clients. Our goal is to maintain firm's independence by developing avant-garde execution technology to obtain consistent profits in most liquid global markets with the aim of financing other innovation projects.

Fast Execution

We are the first to enter and the first to leave.
We run our transactions in a few micro-seconds
(0,00006 sec.)

Artificial Intelligence

Neural network methods, allow our algorithms to learn from their mistakes to adapt to an increasingly complex and volatile market.

Big Data Mining

Our classification, clustering and probabilistic methods allow us to find market inefficiencies to develop effective strategies.

Portfolio Optimization

Through genetic optimization and particle swarm methods, we optimize our portfolios to minimize the exposition risk and maximize profitability.


Trading Team

Our experienced traders operates in equities, commodities, currencies and interest rates markets, through spot orders, futures contracts or listed options with the last generation indicators and analisys tools, made by our Development Team.

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Quantitative Team

Formed by physicists, mathematicians, probabilists and machine learning experts, our Quants work in modeling new strategies and explore data to find opportunities to improve and innovate our systems and the way we understand the markets.

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Development Team

Our Development Team delivers fast, reliable, scalable, and high performing code within a collaborative environment. With years of experience in the industry, Nexow’s Senior Developers work closely with promising Junior Developers designing and implementing solutions to meet the needs of our competitive trading environment.

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